What is Question 1?

Marsy’s Law for Nevada is a proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee victims of crime enforceable constitutional rights. This measure received approval during the 2015 & 2017 legislative sessions, as required by law. Now it is up to voters in Nevada to solidify these rights by passing it on the ballot in November 2018. We encourage everyone to Vote YES on 1. Please see our FAQ for more information.


Advocates from around Nevada share their stories.

The Latino Chamber of Commerce was honored to stand with and for victims' rights in Nevada. We feel victims rights is where the focus should always be.

Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce

With the passage of this new law Nevada is making great strides in giving victims a voice. It is hard enough when you have been victimized, but if you don't have a voice that can be heard in the justice process it only makes you a victim a second time. The Legislative passage of Marsy's Law shows Nevada is now moving to the front in victims' rights.

Police Athletic League

We are pleased to see that lawmakers approved SJR 17/Marsy's Law for Nevada. The final important phase is the 2018 vote and the ballot question for citizens. Marsy’s Law for Nevada will provide the needed laws to protect victims of crime during the judicial process. Vote yes in 2018.

Dave Schofield, Asian Pacific Police Officers Association, Southern NV